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The marketing channel for specialist travel companies.

🤝 Direct to customer: We refer readers straight to your website/sales team to book direct.

💡 No commissions: Pay only for clicks to your website, with zero sales commissions. Stay in control with a monthly budget cap at any level.

Hassle-free: Simple setup, create your listings in minutes. Pause/activate your ads as often as you like.

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Our readers are discerning travellers who prefer to book direct with quality, independent travel companies.

We provide a simple advertising solution to connect tour operators with our readers when they're ready to book. We offer a 100% free listing, and an enhanced listing, which is charged on a cost-per-click basis.

Unlike booking sites or intermediaries we do not charge any sales commissions or setup fees; we simply refer our readers to our advertisers to book direct.

We can list multi-day (FIT or Group) tour operators, day tour & experience providers, independent lodges & hotels, and in-destination services (bike rental, baggage transfer, etc).

Important note: Our readers trust us for reliable advice and we are extremely selective with who we can accept onto the platform. We require our partners to show verifiable customer reviews and have a demonstrable commitment to low impact, responsible tourism. We are highly unlikely to list large resorts, hotel chains, large cruise operators, or intermediaries. We will not list businesses that promote captive wildlife activities or what we judge to be unsustainable/harmful tourism practices.

Our advertisers have no influence on our editorial content and we never accept payment for coverage or recommendations in our guides.

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